Preparing MyErasmus step by step

24 Jul 2007

Here is an example To Do list to prepare your Erasmus trip. It’s really helpful and easy so you definitely should create your own To Do list to see all the steps that you have to go through before your departure, what is done and what is remaining.

To do it, simply visit this page and create an account, it’s FREE, it will take you 1 minute and it definitely worth it !!!


Choice of the University
Application process
Insurance part
Banking part
For those who are willing to open a bank account in the foreign country
My accomodation
How do I get there ?

Choice of the University

Ask to the mobility office for the host universities available
Find the official website of the University, documentation, student blogs,.. for each university that I’m interested in
Talk to students in the foreign university. To find students you can use MyErasmus Forum

Application process

Complete the Learning agreement
Complete the other administrative document
Get to know the admission process, deadlines,...
Wait for your confirmation of admission
Find out the requirements to study in this university: language level, score to an exam like the TOEFL,..

Insurance part

Upgrade my public-liability insurance to be valid in the foreign country
Do the same with my social security
Obtain a document to prove that I’m insured to go to the host country (in Europe, it is the “European Health Insurance Card”
If I take my car, I need to sign for an insurance extension as I’m in a foreign country. And also to check if my driving licence is valid or if I need an international licence

Banking part

See what does my current bank propose for students travelling abroad
Ask for the rates and commission if I withdraw money in the foreign country
Review the services and rates the various institutions proposed
Decide whether it is worth to open a bank account in the foreign country

For those who are willing to open a bank account in the foreign country

Check the requirements
Eventually prepare the documents before leaving your country
See which agency is close to your place in the foreign country
Find out if my host university has special agreement with a banking institution
Check if there is a bank on the university campus

My accomodation

Make a decision about which types of accomodation I’d like: campus, share a flat, live with a family
Contact the university whatever you choose, they might have some information concerning accomodation
Find ads in local newspaper
Contact some tenants before leaving your country and make an appointment for my first day in the foreign country
If possible, avoid choosing without visiting
Check with the tenant if I have to suscribe to an insurance for my place

How do I get there ?

Which way of transportation are available ?
Do I need to bring a lot of luggage
Compare the price/advantages/drawbacks for each way of transportation
What about the transfer between the airport/ train station to the city